Tuesday, June 19, 2007

THe H is O

This week's going to be a little short on entries - rather than a full ramble, this is going to be like taking the train about four blocks. Don't even bother taking a seat - just grab the rail near the door (and remember to use your hand wipes after).

Two reasons:

1) Too much work
2) I want to spare my writing juice for an essay contest with a deadline this Friday.
3) DeSk - the current band that I consider the band - is finally reconvening after a 7 month hiatus this Thursday night, and I really want to direct my other energies towards that. We have a sizable pile of really, really excellent songs that we need to resuscitate and record, so the summer hopefully will conclude with a really excellent record swinging your way.

So, with that, I turn back to the sweltering night. These Chicken Pot Pie cartons need designin', and I'm just the man to avoid doing it.


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