Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

It's a quarter to midnight as I write this - in the dark, in bed, Yesenia asleep at my side - and something just went 'wham' a little ways outside my window. Followed shortly after by what sounded like someone sucking agressively on a Jolly Rancher. Not the candy - a real rancher.

I suppose I'll get up to check it out at some point, but unless something repeats crashing, I tend to put it in the 'problem to be dealt with later' category, and go on blithely ignoring it.

I'll admit this policy hasn't been the most successful one in practice, but if there is something going on outside that requires me to get out of bed, get dreessed, grab a flashlight and go both downstairs and outside to deal with - well, it's just begging to not be dealt with, becuase there's not one of those steps I'm willing to take right now.

The McCartney album will go unreviewed for another day. Turns out the copy I bought was defective, and skipped on a couple of tracks. So I've heard about 85% of it. Still, from what I've heard, unless that missing fifteen percent is pure gold genius, I think I can say that Memory Almost Full ain't so great.

Unlike Driving Rain - which had some good tunes but a lot of filler, but turned out to be a great album becuase the band rocked it out - or Chaos and Creation in the Backyard - which was chock full of great tunes but lacked energy becuase Paul played all the instruments himself, Memory Almost Full is mostly full of filler and has Paul playing most of the instruments, so there's not a lot to grab on to.

In other entertainment news:

Felt the need to watch Star Trek III: The Search for Spock to follow-up my enjoyment of Khan, so I picked that up this afternoon - along with First Contact again, because I'd returned it on Sunday, and it turns out that Yesenia wanted to watch it. So, she watched that this afternoon for the first time (and loved it), and I watched Spock this evening (and thought it was still okay). I still can't quite get over Doc Brown as a Klingon, but what the hell - Christopher Lloyd has to eat, too.

Anyway, I'm going to kill this one early. Yesenia came home from Puerto Rico with pink eye and laryngitis, and I'm starting to feel a little crusty and hoarse, myself.


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