Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey! Big Spender!

All right: $1100 later and the gutters are up. The high price is because I had the front done with the shell topper, and at $10 a foot, that shit better keep my gutters running free or I'm going to burn down the Better Business Bureau. Then I'm going to rebuild it and complain. Then I'm going to burn it down again. Because I like fire. Fire pretty.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start calling the tree people. Ewoks! No, the other tree people. The ones that come and mutilate innocent trees, trees whose only crime is to grow too high, too well, and over my back roof in numbers too great. I'm sure the amount of cutting they have to do will amount to another dozen hundred or so, but this is why I took that damn freelance job in the first place - to do the stuff around the house that needed doin' that I couldn't do.

After that, the basement, which is going to be loan-taking time. And that will be it for the year. We'll see how my freelance situation shapes up in 2008, or if I just want to take a year off from hammering and earning and all that productive stuff.


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