Sunday, September 2, 2007

The First Day of the Rest of Their Lives

Today was the wedding, and it was a lovely affair, but I think I'll wait until I can get to my own computer and give y'all a nice picture-filled Rambler, instead of a drawn-out prose narrative. Lucky you!

The drama going on here at the hotel as I type is people walking in and out of the lobby - and it's already about quarter to one in the morning - desperately looking for a place to stay, and being really crushed to learn that here is (presumably) yet another hotel that's sold out for the night. This is the weekend that Brown and RISD - and I suppose Johnson & Wales and Providence College - freshmen come into town, and the town swells with parents as well.

Interesting parallels of the wedding today and the start of college for all of these people floating around me. Is that an energy that a 36-year-old really firmly set on his life course can tap in to in some way? Be useful to do so. Good thing to bottle and sell - "Fresh Start Mojo!" - in Mint and Spring Lilac. Makes a great anniversary present.

Anyway, after all the hubub today, I'm feeling quite sleepy. Enjoy your labor free Labor Day day of rest, and I'll bring the pixels tomorrow.


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