Thursday, September 27, 2007

Living Large

Today: successfully installed new sink disposal, along with new wiring and a new switch, shoring up the switch box. Took most of the afternoon, and left me cranky and tired. Also was essentially redoing everything I did wrong yesterday, leaving the kitchen sink unusable overnight and a hole in the wall with (capped off) live wires sticking out.

Tonight: Had to delete WIndows and reinstall, most likely because of some monitor resolution issue in Parallels, the UNIX shell it runs in. Windows just wouldn't start, and so I spent about two hours reinstalling and reconfiguring. Success was had, and Yesenia was able to log on to her NYU class that this has all been about.

Now: I'm freaking tired. And my dislike of Windows has been inflamed beyond all reason. I expect my dreams tonight to consist of Bill Gates forcing my hand into a garbage disposal.


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