Friday, September 21, 2007

This Blog is Not Really Here

Uch. Just spent all day trying and failing to successfully install a new dishwasher. Came very close, but met with stonewalling at the local plumbing supply store and short of jumping the counter and searching the stockroom myself, I had to call it a draw.

I suspect it's God just messing with me for skipping Yom Kippur services. Hey! God! Aren't you supposed to be busy listening to people petitioning you to be put in the Book of Life for the coming year, or whatever? Can't you go give a totally lapsed Jew a hard time, instead? I'll confess I've never been that clear on the finer points of the Theology behind the High Holy Days, but at least I'm fasting.

Anyway, I'm totally beat, and in no mood to entertain any of you Subway Passengers, this evening. I assure you, you don't want a more detailed telling of the day I've just had. Homeowner's minutia of the deadliest-dullest kind. See you tomorrow.

Off to bed and some DVD movies with Yesenia.



Anonymous said...

Wishing you an easy fast!

Dave Kopperman said...


Hey, it's just 24 hours. Cakewalk.

Mmmm. Cake.