Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Windows in a Crunchy Shell

What Yesenia was talking about last night was the installation of Windows XP on our little Femputer, a MacMini. As far as I can recall, there's always been a way to run Windows of some kind on Macintosh, but I gather with the advent of the new Intel chips, WIndows runs very, very well on the new Macs.

Instead of using Boot Camp (Apple's proprietary WIndows thingy), which partitions the drive and runs the computer either in Mac or Windows, separately, I opted for Parallels, which lets you run Windows in a window in Mac. It's nice. Obviously, it's a little slower on the Femputer than it would be on a newer Mac, but it still runs smoothly as you could wish. In fact, WIndows runs great, but the Mac apps get slowed down, because Parallels allocates a lot of memory to itself, presumably because you're not just running WIndows for the sake of it, but doing so to run some application that doesn't run on Mac, so you need to memory for Parallels to run Windows and any application that's running inside that.

The entire reason we're doing this in the first place is because Yesenia is taking an online class, and the interface only runs in Explorer 6, or something, in Windows. We'll see how it goes. We still haven't got that part running, but at least the big, ugly, ramshackle house that is WIndows is fully constructed and sitting inside the Mini, ready to go, like a three-doller hooker on her Vegas wedding night. Spread the disease, you lady, you.



Anonymous said...

Who would anyone marry a three dollar hooker? Please don't tell me she has a heart of gold.

Anonymous said...

you get the idea...i can't edit

Dave Kopperman said...

Because some developers only make software for the hooker. Kind of perverse...