Thursday, May 22, 2008

I work, you drink

The Floyd cover band that I torture the keys in - Us Not Them is playing this Friday at the Bruckner Bar and Grill, at 8 PM. $10 cover, all ages, etc. Drink yourself silly and ignore the mistakes I make during the extended Moog wankery in Dogs, Welcome to the Machine, and Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 1-23.

I've never been to the location - it's at 1 Bruckner Blvd. in Da Bronx - but I am assured no violence will be visited upon me. I see no reason why anyone else should feel at risk, either. After all, I'm the one lugging the fucking Fender Rhodes around. That thing will really slow you down when the angry Bronx hordes come to reneact the 1977 World Series, in the bar. The rest of you can just run.

Anyway, the set is drawn mostly from the Floyd's 70's blockbuster albums, but I have coerced the members into including a couple of earlier songs - nothing yet from the Barrett era.

In the meantime - yes, I accidentally typed 'meatnine,' and I wanted to save that word for posterity - I have much work to do - Moog programming, deicing the wings, etc. And since I have forgotten, a terrible oversight, allow me to take this moment to thank Karl for co-designing and assembling the wonky new Moog stand, so that I can now have all of the keys right in front of me while I play. As much as I've fetishized that image of the prog rock keyboardist surrounded by a swarm of ivory, fenced in yet still dominating the sounds at his disposal, that will never be me. Unless I can see the thing in front of me, the notes and chords that I'm playing will be a complete toss-up. Good for an Ornette Coleman tribute, bad for a band that's playing Pink Floyd.

Feel free to read Karl's entry on the day of construction over at his blog.



Ans said...

Us not Them is one of the better cover band names Ive ever heard..

Dave Kopperman said...

There's a UK band with the same name.

Turns out there are dozens of Floyd tribute bands.


bran said...

could you play in a more remote bar??

Dave Kopperman said...

True. The singer works there - the original idea being that we get a couple of low-key shows in before we try for some bigger ones. I've since realized that the band doesn't have a 'low-key' mode.