Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Allegory

In the absence of power, even in a system where all parties have initially agreed to an equal share in the costs and decision making, eventually, someone will move in to assume a greater share of that power.

There are those who will fight the new structure.

There are those who will adapt by trying to ally themselves with the new leader, thereby assuring themselves a higher role in the hierarchy.

There are those who will merely try to get on with their lives, and in doing so, tacitly endorse the new power structure.

Those who choose to fight the power are usually the first to be eliminated, by the direct action of the new leader or their proxy.

Those who do nothing will be next, having shown weakness but not having proven worthwhile by aiding the new regime. They will be exiled or argued out of existence.

Next to go will be the allies, who have tried to gain power through applied sycophancy. For an explanation of their downfall, look to simple mistrust or an attempt by higher-ups to consolidate power. Eventually, an act of betrayal is either discovered or fabricated, or merely presumed.

Lastly, the godhead. In a monotheistic world the bishops are gone and the church is looted. Pantheism posits that others are empowered to decide.

Belief is temporal perception colored by experience. Faith is belief plus hope. Hope exists outside of time and experience, and hope suggests.



Anonymous said...

You should be like a professor or somethin'

Dave Kopperman said...

I am a professor - of life!