Saturday, September 6, 2008

Casual Sects

You can tell when the puns begin to turn up as the Rambler titles that the writer is a little at a loss as to... uh... what to write. It's not as though there's nothing happening - I spent the day helping Kalliope get her book ready for the printer, and then did my first round with the virtual algebra class I'm taking. Both went well: Kalliope's book looks terrific, and my virtual course teacher has many advantages over my flesh and blood physics teacher, not least of which:

1) being a clear, patient and personable speaker,
2) displaying a firm mastery of his material,
3) easy-to-follow introductions to equations, and,
4) being able to stop or even go back through time.

Well, #4 is obviously kind of much to ask of my real teacher at RCC - even if he is a physics teacher - because my algebra teacher is on DVD. But, still. The first 40 minutes or so that I spent with the DVD this evening went a long way towards helping me get a little more confident about this major whiplash of a life change I'm heading into. I'm sure that once the coefficients start flying, my native math anxiety will kick in, but for now, I just want to bask in the glow of having paused the presentation and solved the problems before the teacher did.



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