Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Placeholder Wednesday

This is proving to be the week of all work and no reward. Ah, well. I continue to hack away at the couple of big design jobs ahead of me, with significant progress - at least on the mental front. Now I just need to make the think in my head appear on the screen. Then we'll be golden.

The one bright spot in an otherwise stressful week: I've got a neat little personal project percolating that I won't even talk about until it sees fruition. Most likely, that fruition will fruit (?) Thursday or Friday, latest, so I doubt you'll get too anxious waiting on it.

Continuing my ambivalence and sheer jaw-dropping outdumb - it can't exactly be outrage when I pretty much expect these things to happen like this, so I have to coin a new phrase for it - I just have two comments on Paulson's address to congress:

1) Apparently, he's opposed to any kind of compensation cap for executives of firms which participate in the bailout, for fear it would make said companies choose NOT to participate, and,

2) Lending institutions and the administration are also opposed to a proposal by House Democrats to give bankruptcy judges more leeway for homeowners with 'non-traditional' mortgages to be able to deal with the inflationary interest rates and keep their homes.

Got that? Paulson is afraid that firms that will fail unless we throw nearly a trillion dollars their way will turn the fucking money down because the executive won't be able to take a $300 million bonus regardless of performance, and the institutions that are responsible for the crisis in the first place are dictating the terms of aid to the core problem area of the economy, being the mortgage credit crisis.

To answer #1) look, dudes and dudettes, it's our money. We are now your bosses, so if we say you don't get personally rewarded for giving all of America and the World creeping anxiety bedsweats for the foreseeable future, then you no get the money. At this point, I'm thinking that your performance has been so bad so far that any fucking lemur from a community college could do it better. Your 'experience' notwithstanding, I'll happily take my chances without you. To answer number 2), hey, two birds with one stone - actually helping out Americans as well as corporations, and also stabilizing the credit market. Where is the problem, exactly?

And the answer to #3)? Gentlemen, go fuck yourselves.

Right, there was no number 3. I was just testing you.



Unknown said...

With you on this, brotha (as would all Americans if they actually understood what was happening, which 95% don't).

Some good stuff on PrisonPlanet today I encourage all your reader's to check out. I know you, Dave, are down on conspiracy theorists, but in this case all us wackos were 100% right:

Anonymous said...

I say, fuck the bail out..

I'm with Ron Paul on this one..

Let Wall Street go fuck themselves and the people who bought houses who couldnt afford them..

We shouldnt be paying for this..

I don't care if it all collapses.. which it won't..

Fuck that..

Unknown said...

Remember this, everyone- the Fed CREATED this situation, consciously, nefariously. Now they want to pose as the "saviors." It is nauseating, so nightmarish It is hard to even think about.

This is classic Problem-Reaction-Solution. If you aren't aware of the tactic, google it. The Fed created the bubbles, knowing they would burst, the economy finally on the brink of total collapse, so they can "bail us out," aka putting the current debt levels on steroids, thus increasing the interest we owe the "banksters," further boosting the already unimaginable wealth and power of the financial elite ... aka the Fed itself!