Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drawn Shallow

I ended up not bringing the camera to the Baltimore Con, which would have been nice because I could have just posted a few pictures with a little commentary and wrap the whole thing up easy.

But no, it looks like we'll be doing this the hard way. Anyway, a few stray observations from the convention:

- The main convention room is set up kind of like a giant concrete terrarium, with windows at either end of the room. Since the room is probably a tenth of a mile long and about half as wide and half again as tall, those windows are at a pretty far remove. Saturday morning, when I'd entered the hall on my guest pass a couple of hours ahead of Pete, Jim and John (the easy named bunch), I sat down at the table and started to do my homework. About 9:15 or so (the doors opened at 10), my cell phone rang: "Dave. I can see you. You're reading. You just put your arm down." Etc. Pete. Clearly, he could see me. And it took me about thirty seconds to figure out from where - it's not everyday you think to look up at a window a tenth of a mile away.

- Not a whole lot of notable cosplay going on, but the two Harley Quinns who accidentally met up just by our table were a high point. I'll also have to give points to the strikingly tall brunette in the skin-tight pleather Cobra Commander outfit - although it did make me wonder yet again when fucking Transformers and G.I. Joe became beloved properties? I mean, I'm right of age for that, and I certainly enjoyed the cartoons, but I couldn't give less of a shit.

- Hoping that she might give Kalliope some pointers, I went to chat up Carla Speed McNeil. Not only did she agree to do so happily, she gave Kalliope one of her trades. How cool is that?

- Jim, Pete and John, doing their traditional convention sketch/signature hunt, which paid off some dividends in a particularly nice Adam Hughes commission for Jim. Hughes is one of those artists whose work is so popular that hundreds of people try to get a sketch; the entire reason we arrived two hours before the con opened was so that the guys could get a good space in line. Even still, it was up in the air whether or not Jim would get his drawing, but Hughes finished it Saturday night and brought it in Sunday morning. It is a thing of beauty.

- The tables in 'Artist's Alley' were so close together that the only way in or out sometimes was just to slide underneath.

More tomorrow.



Unknown said...

By the way, a new co-worker of mine revealed himslef to be a very talented comic-book artist- I knew there was something sightly odd about him. His name is Sean Ford, CCS graduate and student of Jason Lutes. There are three issues out of his comic "Only Skin." It's self-published, but has pretty good distribution throughout the country. It's top-shelf stuff. Chegitout...

Dave Kopperman said...

Hmm. I'll have to see a full issue to judge - do they carry it at St. Mark's?


Unknown said...

Very likely. I've seen it at Forbidden Planet.