Monday, October 27, 2008

Hell Freezes Over

Well, the apocalypse is definitely upon us folks - I have proof.

Proof 1: Somehow, I got an 85 on my first Physics test. How the fuck did I do that? I tried like crazy to study, but just didn't feel like I was getting anything. Workbook problems remained unsolved as I couldn't even work out what the nature of the problem was. Can I apply F=Ma to this? No? Yes? Is anything moving, let alone accelerating? Force is a Vector, right? What time is it? Nonetheless, come test time, I guess some part of my brain kicked in. Really, it was the labs that did it, so whoever decided that labs needed to be part of the science curriculum: thanks.

Proof 2: It may be that the band with no name has a name! Barring final approval by the singer (who initially liked it but now seems to be wavering), there could well be music and a title by which to refer to said music.

Proof 3: I'm almost done with the insane workpile that I've been digging through for the last seeming eternity. One last hurdle: figuring out just how to get Flash to force download an MP3. Any suggestions?


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