Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Aching Trackpad Hand

Here's the music magazine comic. The coloring took waaaaaay longer than I'd intended. And now, I have to go put together a new client presentation. That I have to drop off at my boss's house before class tomorrow morning. Which is at 7:30 AM. And it's 11 PM now. Good God.



Anonymous said...

Wow.. excellent, excellent, excellent...

Do you own this, or is it exclusive to the magazine?

Dave Kopperman said...


This one's mine.


Christine said...

I love your B&W work... but I really do like the way you colorized this one. The sky in particular. Everything's in just the right balance.

But "Comic Dave" always looks so sad and tired... )c:

Dave Kopperman said...

Thanks. I still haven't quite worked out how to balance the pen and ink work with the color, just yet. It's a mindset that goes something like this: the point of fine ink rendering is to substitute for volume and tone - color, in other words.

Thinking like this makes it difficult for me to prioritize line vs. color. Maybe that's why the comic Dave looks tired.

I'll put up the pencils and just inks sometime later this week - a point of comparison, and a great content filler!