Monday, October 13, 2008

Seasoning the Witch

Hallowe'en, as it turns out, it Yesenia's favorite holiday. So, even though she always does a great job decorating for Christmas, the house always seems extra-cool heading into Fall. Maybe that's because Beadboard Manor is an Autumnal kind of house? Browns, yellows and reds make up the color scheme to begin with, so all Yesenia has to do is add a pumpkin and a candle and we're good to go.

I think we all like Hallowe'en around here.



Christine said...

it IS an autumnal kind of house - i hope i get to see it again while it's still autumn!

do any of your trees turn awesome colors?

Dave Kopperman said...

Yes, but not until January. There's an underground stream in the backyard that keeps the trees there green for an eerily long time.