Saturday, December 6, 2008


Headed into Manhattan this evening to attend a birthday party for PCMA chanteuse Christine - which was 8 PM at the corner of 6th Avenue and 56th Street. And if I'd actually given it even a moment's thought, I would have said, 'oh, we should park uptown and then catch the subway down, because Midtown's a clusterfuck at the best of times, and even worse come the holidays.'

Sadly, that thought didn't occur to either Yesenia or me until we were well-sealed within the immobile block of cars that thronged Midtown for that period of time that is longer than you want to be sitting in a Jeep in NYC. We finally got free, and had some basic plan to head up to 72nd or thereabouts and park - seeing as how we'd already sat in traffic for half-an-hour - but we kept laddering the streets, and nothing was opening, and we were past the point of wanting to get a garage. Eventually, we both came to the same conclusion that we wanted to be home with pizza, wine and Star Trek, so I had Yesenia proxy-text Christine, and we got on Riverside and headed home...

...taking with us the cookies that I'd baked for Christine. No fear; I'm bringing them to Karl's. And they are good. Happy birthday, anyhow. Next time: weeknight in Queens might be easier.



Christine said...

You are supersweet for baking me cookies, and it's not actually my birthday anyhow - it's the 23rd, I just know planning anywhere near the 23rd tends to be baaaad news.

Christine said...

...shit. I just realized you blogged about my birthday. Does this mean that I will not actually live until the 23rd?!?!?

Dave Kopperman said...

No, because I blogged about our attending the birthday, not the birthday itself. The PCMA rule has a very specific syntax.