Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Penultimate Ramble 2008

Tomorrow will be the last entry for the year - like every other blog on Virtual Earth, the Rambler has a tradition of taking off the last week of the year to recalibrate, recharge and all that other 're' stuff. In the meantime, some random observations:

- Been eating Cinnamon Life by the vat full, and it really is like a Proustian Rush in cereal form. And doesn't the name sound like a lost Fitzgerald novel? "Cinnamon Life, a tale of the jazz age."
- Spent about an hour today lugging my dad's old - and I mean old - Scientific Americans down from the attic. Three decades worth, going back to 1969. I'm tempted to enter Lileks territory and scan some highlights and mock them, but that would take effort.
- Got a major Flash tip from my 'source,' earlier, and though I'm sure he's tired of it, it really answered years worth of questions. Frankly, he's spent about five minutes over the last three months answering what, to him, are basic queries and it's made a light year's difference in my work. The site that I've been avoiding because I couldn't solve a couple of technical problems is now better than I could have imagined, so, Christine - do something appropriate to Greg for me.

See you all tomorrow - which I guess for you would be Christmas, wouldn't it? Oooh, the anticipation!



Anonymous said...

A very happy holiday to you and yours! You rock, D!

Dave Kopperman said...

Thanks. I know it.


Christine said...

It also happened to be my birthday (ahem) so you can rest assured that appropriate actions were taken.