Monday, December 8, 2008

Waitin' for the Mathematician

A completely schizophrenic day, split evenly between ad work and the final assembly of all of my physics labs - 12 of them, to be exact - which are due Tuesday. Mostly, those are done, now - but there's a bit of scribbling in my notebooks from the Torque lab where something was solved - using math. But I'm not entirely sure how, so now I have to re-solve it to put in the report.

Moments like this, I always think of that great cartoon by (also great) Sidney Harris.

Still, I do actually have a miracle of my own: my father, the PhD'd math whiz from Forest Hills. He's on his way home from school and should be home about 11:30, at which point he'll call me and explain how I can solve an equation that relies on three unknowns. Fuck explaining; I just want him to do the math for me, and then he can explain later when I'm not so tired. Sometime in June of 2009 should be fine.


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