Friday, May 15, 2009

Basement to Basement

Blogging LIVE! from Middletown, CT - the home of college friend Kate and husband Noah. This time, I'm down in the basement, which is very, very large and pretty cool, I have to say. It's got the rough-hewn quality that basements in old houses do, but the white-painted walls, the room division and tile floor and other touches make it a surprisingly nice living space.

Apparently, one of their cats agrees - a giant Maine coon-type that weighs 17 pounds, named Elvin Jones (after the drummer). As soon as I got into bed, he appeared out of nowhere and joined me. Which would have startled me, considering that the door is closed, but I saw when I first came in there's actually a little cat hole cut in the wall under the bed, presumably so that the cats can come and go as they please. For all I know, the litter box may be in the room beyond here - there are a lot of surprises down here. Like the hot tub, for example. Smack dab between the sewing machine and the jigsaw.

It's that kind of house.


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