Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Blog, So That You Don't Have To

Blogging on Yesenia's laptop this evening - the Dell Inspiron 1525, codename 'Espresso.' 'Cause I left the Manputer at Bubba and Fi's. Forgive any typos - I seem to be having a very hard time working my way around this keyboard.

Definitely, things are starting to feel more than a little Summer-y, here. The last few days have been very warm, but the thing that separates Summer from Spring is the nights. Spring nights are cold, whereas Summer nights keep the heat going all night long. And the last couple of nights (tonight included) have been edging up to 'unpleasantly warm.' Really, it's more a case of there being no wind to speak of - a little breeze would make things quite nice. But it's stagnant, and the mosquitoes have started their engines, and it's generally bryter layter, as Nick Drake said.

What to do with the Summer, as it's a comin' in? Loudly sing, 'Cuckoo?' There's an option - find some music to play and play it loud into the night.

Other options? Fix up my bike and go for a ride. I have to admit, I hate biking around here, but love to bike. This area is stupid hilly and the cars and drivers (speaking as one) suck. Last Summer, I opted for a little tennis, and I wouldn't mind pulling that out again.

Summer does seem to bring with it a seemingly endless offering of things to do...



Karl said...

There is the North and South county rail trails on this side of the river. If you would like to ride on those, let me know. Sure Yani would be up for it as well.

shaunian said...

Me 3.

Yeye said...

Ok, Kopperman, I think it's time to hit the tennis ready?

Dave Kopperman said...