Thursday, May 21, 2009


I realized it's been a while since I've give a progress report on the Learning of the Math: it's slow. Not so much in the sense that we're not going through the material, but without the impending deadline of the five tests,* I've been kind of slacking in the pursuit of my studies. Partly that, partly the added scheduling complication of working at the paper, and partly my dad's availability. Dad will be done with classes this week, I believe, so we'll perhaps kick it up a notch. At any rate, I've just learned basic matrices and Cramer's Rule, so we're somewhere in that gray are between Algebra and Trigonometry.

Is there any way to make this exciting? I wonder. Still, there is one positive to the new low-pressure math approach, which is that I do find I very much - well, enjoy might be too strong a work for it, but I at the very least am mildly entertained by working through problems. I suspect I'll always have some kind of math anxiety - I just can't seem to think through things with all that mud in my head - but it is nice to just do it and not worry about performance.

There really isn't anyway to make that last paragraph not sound like some kind of sex metaphor, is there? Best just leave it.


*Deadline of the Five Tests sounds vaguely like the name of an excellent karate film, doesn't it?

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