Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Missing Day

Apologies for the break in service - my host did its periodic and highly secretive changing of the FTP info, and Blogger coughed and whined 'Error 530' when I tried to post late Thursday night. Since I was actually logging in from a different internet connection than usual, for some reason, I just assumed that the problem was the connection and not the server (like, say when you can receive mail but not send from other connections, sometimes). But of course, it was the server. They require that you change your password and login info once every few months - let's say 'four months' - and they take it upon themselves to prevent any remote logins of the type that Blogger does, but neglect to inform you that their deadline has passed and you need to go in and update things.

Really, an email would be nice.

Anyway, I've posted Thursday's lost entry about my ride up to Middletown, and you can read below toady's Rambler.

It's now Saturday at around 7:30 PM, and I've been back to Tappan, back up to Middletown, and back to Tappan again in that time. Something like 9 hours of driving between Connecticut and New York in the last three days. Which would be less impressive if you delivered pizzas in Rye from Greenwich, but the point is made, yes?

In the middle day (Friday), I retrieved Kate and various bits of construction material, and we got some work done on the house. Not as much as I'd hoped, since we each were totally zoned-out from lack of sleep the previous night. Don't go getting any ideas: I didn't fall asleep until about 4 AM, as the combination of lack of Yesenia, general insomnia and the kind of creepy basement atmosphere made it difficult for me to hail the sleep taxi, while Kate had apparently woken up at 3:30 - in bed with her husband, yo! - realized after an hour that she wasn't getting back to sleep, and instead wet out to their garden to plant tomatoes.

I wrote about my own great work ethic earlier this week? Right. I would not get up at 4:30 to plant tomatoes.

Official wake-up time had been set for 7, and we managed to get out of the house by around 8, over to Weslyan to pick up some of the free construction materials (insulation panels, in this case), and got on the road and into New York probably by 10:30 or so. Even with the lack of sleep and my own achilles heel of lack of forethought and preparation, we still got stuff done, and I'll finish that work in the next couple of days on my own.

In fact, I'm going to change into my nasty-wear now to get working. Let's see if I fixed the posting issue, and I'll see you tomorry.


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