Thursday, May 31, 2007

Color Me Toffler


Not two days ago, I posted an email from Chris, in which he wrote:

"Software developers should be working on the next level and getting away from keyboards, mouse entry, and focusing more on touch screen, speech, eye and hand movements. That sort of thing. "

To which I replied:

"While I don't deny that it's a great and wonderful story, the "Minority Report" interface is probably going to remain an unrealized reality. ... I don't see software developers exactly coming in their pants at the interactive design possibilities these technologies open up."

You can read the whole exchange here.

And then - well, I can safely assume that if you have a computer with an internet connection (you're reading this, yes?), then you've already seen it, but go check out the Microsoft Surface here.

All right? Fine. Yes. I was full-on wrong. In my defense, I can only say that at the very least, I didn't pussyfoot around with any grey areas. I was completely and definitively and absolutely wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong. This could be an interesting power, making public statements on record that are not only immediatley disproven but flat-out refuted by reality not two days later. Let me try something:

Dave Kopperman will never, never ever win the largest Powerball drawing in the contest's history.

All right, I'll keep you posted on that. I guess if it works, I can just hire someone to write the Rambler. So it'll be a win/win situation for all concerned!

But these powers - what an awesome responsibility... the ability to make reality change just to prove me wrong. I guess I'll need some kind of superhero name and costume. Say, "The Non-Predicter" (chest symbol of a question mark with an arrow through it), or "The Future Gainsayer" (symbol: a squirrel tossing acorns into a storm drain), or "Mr. I'll Tell You Why Not!" (symbol: Herbert Hoover, a potted chicken and a car in a garage).

Now that I have these abilities, I promise only to use them for the common good. Also, maybe, you'd want to consider not getting on my bad side. You know. I mean, if I were to suggest that you'd never spontaneously combust because we all know that kind of thing is just an urban legend, well. You know. Or suggest that you'd never get audited because I'm sure that your understanding of the tax code is fairly thorough?

Just something to consider, and a reminder that my birthday is coming up in just six short months, so maybe you want to start thinking about what to gift me, now. Lest I get all non-predicty on you.


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