Friday, August 31, 2007

Live from the Lobby of the Providence Radisson

Hey, the second remote Rambler. Now this blog is really earning its name! The last time I tried this trick from the Super 8 Motel in Brattleboro, VT, the computer flailed around like a parody of a virus infected PC. This one seems to be humming along just fine, which probably means that when I go ahead and post this, all you'll be seeing is my bank account info and password.

Got into Mystic later than desired, after trying our darndest to avoid traffic on 95 north - and even speeding along on Route 15 for a bit - but a little confusing ended up putting us back on 95 about 2 miles south of the 95/91 split. Meaning, we sat in traffic for about 45 minutes well past midnight to drive 2 miles. Not an exaggeration. It was really sad and put me in a foul mood. Blissfully, the road opened up after the tiny, tiny little bit of construction they were doing, and it was only about 40 minutes from New Haven to Mystic, where we got into our Econo Lodge room and into bed in record time.

And what do you know? I got a great night's sleep. And it was a quick and lovely 40 minute drive this morning from Mystic to Newport, where Yesenia and I ambled around aimlessly, not bothering to go back to the mansions on this trip (we'd seen The Breakers on a marathon day a few years back). In fact, all we really did was wander in and out of a few shops along old wharfs, grabbed some Del's frozen lemonade (the treat of the East), then had lunch where I got an early drunk on and finally Yesenia drove herself and my sorry drunk ass up to Providence and our hotel.

Then some more aimless ambling around Providence shopping districts, then dinner at old Thai/Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant Apsara's, then even yet more still aimless ambling, and back to the hotel. Where I sat down and apparently continued the trend...

...sorry, it's been that kind of low key day. No brains, or nuthin. See you tomorrow. Then I'll have wedding anecdotes and perhaps some tales of WaterFire for you. You lucky devil.


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