Saturday, November 15, 2008


And just as fresh as ever!

Well, no. But we're still here, and that's got to count for something. They say a journey of a thousand blogs begins with 500 blogs, after all.

Spent most of the day today doing Flash on my friend's site... but that's not done, yet, so no link for you. Spent pretty much all of Thursday coloring the KPMG comic... which I will post here, just as soon as I get that check. Jammed last night on a couple of promising new tunes for the band that now has a name that I can't tell you for fear of cursing it... but nothing yet to post.

Ffff. To misquote Gauntlet, "Elf... needs content... badly." It's not an exaggeration to say that the last six weeks have been just about the busiest of my life. I start each week performing triage, and every single day is spent juggling priorities like blazing meat cleavers and packets of Semtex. Curiously, when the Rambler started in April of 2007, I was working two full time jobs and also teaching two nights a week, and yet I still had time to do really solid entries on a daily basis. So how is it that I'm down to the one job (and school, of course), and have even less time?

In a later issue of Cerebus, in a dream (always one of Dave Sim's examples of genius), Cerebus is told the secret of existence, and I'll share it with you, now: "As you get older, time goes by faster and faster."

My own dreams of late? They are troubled, my friends.


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