Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chest - Weight = Me

Well. That went better than I think I'd ever even hoped. Ever. In my wildest dreams of ever.

I know we'll all have to get back to reality later this week, but can we all take a moment and just bask in the completely batshit happy insane historical moment that we're in the middle of, as I type? I swear, the years 2010 through 2099 are going to be event-free, because it feels like we've been using up an entire century's worth of history just in this one decade.

Right now, here comes McCain's acceptance speech. He's gracious, even when his crowd boos the mention of the name Obama. But he wins them over with a nod to the power of the night.

Living history, man. And for once in the seemingly non-stop parade of anxiety that has been the tumultuous 21st Century, it's history that makes me happy to be alive and proud to be American. Frankly, it's the first thing that's happened in a long time that makes me joyful that this is the time I was born in to.



shaunian said...

You betcha!!!

John said...

Let's reserve the rest of the week to continue on with the fawning idolitry. Then, can people start to grow their brains back?

Dave Kopperman said...

Well, John, I've been waiting for you to do that since I've known you.


John said...

Naive... and snide. What a lovely combination.

Dave Kopperman said...

There are far too many comebacks to that one. Just suffice it to say that I delivered a withering remark based on my complete dismissal of a) your character, b) mental acuity, or c) physical appearance.


bran said...

unfortunately Michelle Bachmann retained her seat... ah well, you can't win em' all..

John said...

...Is there no end to this guy's zingers?

There's no shame in being a joyous, naive Obamamaniac. You are not alone. Almost everyone I know is one, in fact. Some of them are very, very smart, otherwise. Smarter than me. (Even smarter than you, Dave!)

Enjoy it while it lasts, sheeple.

Dave Kopperman said...

B: I'd never even heard of her before this moment. I suspect that in the long run, she's going to hold office, but also be ineffectual. The Republican party is likely going to move to the center at this point (barring another 9/11), so she's likely to be a small minority of a minority.

J: You are one very strange dude, John. Don't ever change.

Seriously, though: no-one is smarter than me.


Ansley said...

The scene: A small Mexican restaurant on the upper East Side

The time: about 6 years ago

Dave (to John): I hate you... I've always hated you... I've hated you since College...

Fuck you, how about that?

Or words to that effect...

Ahh.. guys..

Dave Kopperman said...

Moon landing.



John said...

Good times.