Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now We Are Thirty-Eight

That would have been the perfect title for one of those dreaded mini-gift-parody books of the type that flourished in the 1970's, back when B. Dalton ruled the universe from a tiny little hole in the mall. I'm sure the Milne estate wouldn't have minded the profits - but then, Pooh is now a Disney property, so lawsuits ahoy!

Yes, today was indeed my 38th birthday. The stock market rallied up 200+ points on the news, meaning that Dave futures are looking bright, at least in Asian trading (Europe has never really bought big into the whole 'Jew' thing).

Getting me to bed a little early tonight - Yesenia is flying out of JFK at 6 AM tomorrow (Thursday) morning, and that means I'll be driving her out there at 3 AM. What few hours sleep I get between now and then will be my bulwark against the taxi, limo and black car operators that swarm like level bosses as you get closer to the airport, making the drive seem like a video game which increases in difficulty the closer you get to your goal. In this case, Mario is delivering the princess to the airport. Unfortunately, driving over any crates that happen to be lying on the Van Wyck doesn't give you any power-ups, unless you consider a torn oil pan and ruptured fuel tank a 'power-up.' I suppose it is, if you hit fast enough to generate ignition.

It just occurred to me that this will be my first drive across the newly-rechristened 'Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.' That will take some getting used to. I now have some sympathies with those who could never quite let go of 'Idlewild.'



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave!

Christine said...

I was amused by the numerous and semi-inconsistent signs advising us all for about three miles in advance that the bridge's name had changed (to either "Robert F. Kennedy" or simply "RFK", depending on the size of the sign). They can put up new signs, yet they couldn't change the existing Triborough ones? We were also halfway across it before Greg noticed the "RFK" flags on every post.

Dave Kopperman said...

Ans: Thanks.

X: Yah, I took special note of the discrepancies in the signage (in my delirious, 4 AM driving state-of-mind). It's just that special New York touch.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to 38. Two sort of free years before 40 (I feel).