Thursday, November 6, 2008

Roll of the Die

So, after all that, how did I spend my election day evening? After all, Yesenia and I had voted at around 6:30 AM - which puts us way ahead of most of the nation - and it meant that I had an entire day to fret. Thankfully, it turned out to be amazingly easy to detach myself from the election - not out of any calm belief that my candidate would win, but just that I had done my part, and that was all I could do. So I went to lab, dithered about at home, and then went over to Jim's to watch:

Which turned out to be pretty funny, as usual. I think the fantasy sequence was a little too specific as a parody of Lord of the Rings - that's the kind of thing I expect from Family Guy, not Futurama. Thankfully, that segment made up a much smaller part of the movie than I'd thought, and even within the Rings sub-Mad Magazine parody, there were some really classic moments - some tossed off lines (a particular favorite: "Hey, is that a Hobbit over there?" "No, it's a hobo and a rabbit. But they're makin' a Hobbit.") and one truly inspired lengthy sequence, where Fry's Gollum-esque internal dialogue turns into a show on QVC.*

Overall, I still like Beast With a Billion Backs best of the three features - if only for its willingness to be genuinely creepy. But I suspect that Bender's Game will fare best of all the films when it's presented in Futurama's natural habitat - on TV, in 22-minute segments.


*The very, very subtle punchline: how did he actually get the knife?

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