Monday, November 19, 2007

The Birthday Reviews, Pt. I

Sorry I skipped a night - we had a birthday party for me here on Saturday, and didn't get the last guest out until 1:30, and then I just shut down. But I have to say, it was a nice party, and an amazing haul of gifts for me; one of the best ever. People either know me too well, or my tastes are broader than I thought, but I was both really happy and really touched by the spot-on presents that people brought. This isn't in lieu of 'thank you' notes, but I thought I'd make a listing here of the nice people and the nice things they brought me:

John & Catherine: A copy of the new Alan Moore/Kevin O'Niell "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."
Edz: "Flight of the Conchords" DVD
Shaun & Jahaneen & Darrien: A complete Paul McCartney DVD collection - 3 discs of videos and concerts
Jay & Claire: AMEX gift card & two lottery tickets (as selected by their four-year-old)
Sean: Two high-line beer from Capt. Lawrence Brewery, in Pleasantville
Bubba & Fi: "Flight of the Conchords" DVD
Homeira: $50 in cash(!) and a small Russel Stovers collection
Leah & Val: $50 iTunes Gift Certificate & a dozen cupcakes from "Marigolds" in NYC
Jim & Danielle: A man purse, the "2006 Best American Comics" Anthology, a catalog from some Chinese artist's exhibition of paintings of laughing men in swimsuits, and "The Animated Cerebus Portfolio."
Gail: A bottle of Tanqueray Sterling Vodka
Amy & Vito: "Pow" boxer shorts

There may be more - it's late the next night and I've been catching up on work most of the evening, but I've already started to chew my way through the pile.

Anyway, let me also take a moment to point at my wife and say, wow - not only is she totally hot, but she actually hosted two parties in one day, and the food and everything else for both parties was great. When you consider how hard she's been pushing herself lately with the NYU-Online class she's been taking (which has an unbelievable workload), the fact that she still was able to stay on top of it all gracefully. And the lamb-kebob wraps were fuckin' awesome.

Not to downgrade the wonderful gifts everyone else brought, but Yesenia's continued presence in my life was the best present I got all night. As ever.



Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, my friend! I'm sorry I missed the party. It sounds like fun.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, my friend! It sounds like it was a great time. I wish I could've been there.


Dave Kopperman said...


It's actually a pre-lated birthday, since my birthday isn't until the 26th. We decided to have the party before Thanksgiving, because we wanted to feed people, and nobody is interested to eat, drink or party in any way in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The local friends' group also has a Secret Santa party scheduled for December 15th, so that's out...

Late or early, thank you for the good wishes. How's tricks? Feel free to email...