Saturday, November 3, 2007

The First Rule of P.C.M.A...., "Don't fuck'n blog about P.C.M.A."

Damn! I knew it was gonna jinx it, but it's hard for me not to get energetic and excited about recording this music, because I really love it and want to listen and share it. But we spent six-plus hours and only got one halfway decent take of one song. Studio fever set in, and measures were miscounted, and a series of tiny little technical problems added up (brand-new OS + beta drivers = seemingly endless funtime for the engineer!).

Anyway, the sound is great, and I'd be lying if I said I was realistically expecting to get more than two songs done, so we got about half accomplished what we could have. Of course, we spent almost five hours on trying to get the first song, Memorial Pub Crawl 2007 into shape (about two of those hours on aborted attempts to record it), and sped through Green Light (pun intended) in less than an hour, by which math you can see that one drum track is not a good labor-to-results ratio.

Oh, well. It will be done, and sound great. Still, there's some fear that the Port Chester Town Board may come and revoke our music license. Then the acronym will have to stand for "Port Chester Music Association," or something less, you know, authoritative.


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