Monday, November 26, 2007

Commencing countdown, engines on...

I have now set a deadline for the revamp/overhaul (revamverhaul?) of the Copper Man site, of which the Subway Rambler is the only currently functioning part. January 1st, 2008. Instead of the fading memorial to a dead band that comprises the existing site, the new site will be home to Dave effluvium of all kinds, including:

- galleries of various 'art' things,
- musics of all kind,
- small movieish viewings,
- bits made up of words (of which the Rambler will be a part),
- perhaps an ongoing comic serial?
- shots of your mother, naked,
- and whatever else I can think to cram into the gaping hole that is my bandwidth.

I welcome any ideas as to what people expect/want/fear seeing in this new site. Please post your suggestions with abandon below. Most of all, I expect you riders to hold me to that launch date; I have even removed the old front page for the site and replaced it with a shorter declaration of the above (plus a nice picture). Go take a look.

Of course, the damn place will still be named ',' just to be extra, extra confusing.


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