Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two for the Price of One

It's not you. There was no blog yesterday, and now, suddenly, there is! It's right below this one, if you want to read it, and it makes me look like I'm dabbling in irony, or at least foreshadowing.

What? See, it turns out that my hosting service is changing servers - rather, they're moving all their sites from various scattered servers the world over to one beat up Apple Lisa somewhere in the Ukraine, and rather than going smoothly, things have been a little on the kerflooey side, by the looks of it.

Firstly,I noted that Anonymous posted a reply the other day, and I didn't get the usual email from Blogger about it, which goes to one of my copper-man accounts. At first, I'd figured that it'd turn up in email eventually - Blogger is always a little slow with its posting function. But then I posted a reply to Anonymous, and that failed to be emailed to me as well. Then I checked and saw that I had not, in fact, received any email to my copper-man accounts since last Monday. Since I use those accounts so infrequently, I hadn't really noticed. One is for some personal email, and the others just seem to be Spam Catchers. But, no, nothing since the 19th. Not even an offer to earn money watching robot porn.*

So I dug around my Deck yesterday afternoon and got caught in something they called a 'Transition Kiosk,' and too the easy way out: called tech-serv. Right away, and without any prefatory explanation, the gentleman at the other end of the phone - presumably several oceans away, under the Calcutta Moon - had me change my password. I did so unquestioningly, figuring that this was a prerequisite to porting over to the new server.

No, as it turns out. It's just some bullshit 'security' measure they 'require.' That you 'have to' change your log-in and password every 90 days. About 20 minutes later, I got off the phone, a little confused as to whether my problem had been solved or not. It had not. And I had a new one, I found, when I tried to post the Rambler late last night. Blogger now couldn't get onto my server, despite the fact that I gave it the new login info.

Tonight, I headed back to my Deck (still on the same old server, thanks), and added a new FTP login, fed that one to Blogger, clicked last night's unposted entry, and:

WHHOOOOOOSH! Posted like a charm.

Still no email, though, so I'm back on the phone with tech-serv, as I type this.

Really: I'm on hold, and haven't yet talked to a person.

And I have been since I started typing this blog. This somewhat lengthy, rambling blog.

Which I'm now done with, and still no tech-man on the other end of the phone (worst hold music ever, BTW).

Tune in tomorrow. I'll keep you... posted.


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