Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creeping Crud & Celery Stuffing

The bout of indecision has come: what the hell to do for Thanksgiving? After seven years of marriage, Yesenia has graciously ceded the holiday to me (she gets ownership of Hallowe'en and Easter, so don't think I got the better end of the trade) - but I find the idea of actually doing anything this year is giving me emotional hives.

Yesenia and I have been tired of late - her due to the really crazy amount of work for her NYU Online Introduction to Spanish Translation class, which the professor seems to be running as a gauntlet where those that don't run from the class weeping are allowed to enter the program, and both of us are beat because of job work.

I haven't quite been able to get my schedule back together since last week, but that's par for the course: I've always been a deadline worker, and things that I could be doing over the course of several days usually happen in the absolute last few hours before they're due. Which works fine when the work-load is light - when I have a lot to do that all comes due at the same time, I get so frazzled that if you took a Kirlian Photo. of me, it would look like a nuclear pile 'going China.'

So, anyway, even though we both probably could do with a nice few days away, neither of us seems to be able to muster much enthusiasm for the customary Rhode Island trip. It doesn't help that the big family Thanksgivings of my childhood are gone, now that all the cousins have big plans and go elsewhere, and Auntie Evvie no longer works her maestro ways in the kitchen, getting up at 4:30 AM to start that bird cooking.


Mostly, I'm just tired now, specifically after only three hours of sleep last night and now after 10 PM, but with a little sleep and by getting over the smallish foothills of work I have to do tomorrow, I'll have a better picture of where my own head's at.

My, what a boring Rambler this turned out to be. Well, I have a few reviews and stuff in store for the coming days - comics, film & music - so that should liven the place up a little bit. Keep yourselves sane, and we'll all get through phase one of the Holiday Season together.


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