Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome Back (Pain)

For those of a superstitious bent, who believe that the way they enter the new year will dictate the way the new year is lived, witness:

1) When the basement flooded in April of 2007, I decided to move some of my crap into storage.

2) This included comic storage longboxes (unwieldily), vocal PA systems (heavy), bass amplifiers (heavy and unwieldily), and other things of this nature.

3) This storage cost me $100 a month.

3a) I'm very cheap.

4) After putting it off, I decided on December 29th to go and empty the storage unit.

5) But first, I picked up cinder blocks (h) and plywood (h & u) to make a platform to keep the stuff dry in the basement in case of water.

6) I did the move.

7) Now I'm paying for it, with a startling inability to even sit up without feeling like Andre the Giant is working over my kidneys.

The most annoying thing? I desperately wanted to enjoy bowling at Fiona's free bowling party at Lucky Strikes on Monday. Now I'm going to have to sit on my ass and just talk shit about other bowlers, without really showing them who's boss.

Sucks, eh?


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