Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Suffered That You May Be Entertained

I guess I can't really blog about it in anything like giveaway detail, but I participated earlier this evening in the filming of a reality show. A goldurn prime time, network reality show, which goes against my core beliefs on so many levels that the fact that I paid $35 for the privilege and will most likely look like a pompous ass if I do make it on air will be the karmic comeuppance that I deserve for so cavalierly tossing my standards aside to participate.

Anyway, I signed some kind of non-disclosure thingy, so I guess I'll hold off any mention of what it was until it airs. Perhaps I'll be lucky, and the scab of the recently popped zit on my forehead will cause the editors to leave all my footage on the floor. Perhaps not.

So, that was my night. The day that prefaced it was spent mostly filing, which is something I abhor even on my best days. Yesenia as well, which means that we have literally almost a year's worth of bills, statements, and other fileable things stacked up all over the house, and stuffed randomly into paper bags. I made a substantial amount of headway, and even kept going after I found the missing tax document that prompted the filing frenzy in the first place.

Still, there's only so much decision making I can handle in one day, so I knocked off after a couple of hours. The rest of the week will be spent sporadically hacking away at what remains, and (if I'm lucky) firing up the shredder on the detritus of an earlier year to clear room in the filing cabinet.

All of which means that the next couple of Ramblers are going to be either dreadfully dull - really, is there any human endeavor closer to the empty-soul life of Limbo? - or excitingly inspired in contrast.


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