Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They Keep Pulling Me Back In

Well, it's official: got my invitation to my 20th high school reunion, today. Of course, just to show how much the world really has changed since 1988, it came in the form of a group email, with a link to a page on Jim had received it, and - being the only member of the local group who signed up with Classmates - forwarded it on to the five or six of us he knows who are not on.

And the response? Not so positive, by the looks of it. I definitely intend to go - hey, I've got the hot wife, now... how can I not go? I think it's like an obligation for formerly obese geeks with shapely spouses to turn up at these things. But the problem is that given my living, eating and exercise habits for the past eighteen months, I'm not so much 'formerly obese' as I'd like to be for this occasion.

But the date is set, and the gauntlet has been thrown. Can I lose twenty-five to thirty pounds between now and November 28th? If it were anyone else, the answer would be, duh, of course. But I'm me, and am very much a creature of lazy, recalcitrant habit. And nothing makes me want to do something less than feeling like I have to do it. You know?

Still. No matter how great my wife's boobs are, the effect will be lost if I show up with my own boobs.

To the gymnasium!


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