Monday, February 11, 2008

Three in a Series

Okay, my last half-assed post for the month. Promise. All following Ramblers for the month of February will be pure fat-packed chunks of greased wisdom from the fry-kitchen of my soul.

Curiously, while I've been barely grazing double-digits in my word count the last three nights, fellow bloggers Karl & Bubba have been (comparatively) writing up a storm - an odd occurrence, given their usually sparse posting schedule, but less odd when you consider that Karl is facing down another birthday, and Bubba has been house-bound with sick children, and there's only so much World of Warcraft that one man can handle. But if that one man is Bubba - and he can handle quite a bit of WOW, I assure you - the fact that he's blogged twice this past week really should indicate to you the depths of his boredom.

Go visit these fine gentlemen online now - their links are handily posted in the column to the left. And come back here tomorrow to see what I've been cooking.

Mmmmm. Smells like the subway!


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