Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And on the Third Day, they Rested

A day of too much relaxation, as Yesenia got pretty blown out by the somewhat hectic pace of the first two days and demanded a day by the pool. As for me, I'm good for about two hours of such inactivity and then it begins to circle back on me and I get increasingly anxious with the inactivity.

Note that it isn't the concept of inactivity itself that bothers me - it's specifically the hanging out by the hotel pool for hours on end variety that winds me up. So I tore through a few sketchbook pages to burn some of that off, after exhausting all of the pool things I could do by myself - including a visit to the swim-up bar, which I like. In fact, rather than build a wet bar in the basement, I'm just going to flood it and throw some beer bottles down there and let people go diving for them.

The night closed with me doing laundry and Yesenia doing homework. Now, that's a vacation.


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