Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Vampire Hirings


Another book review of mine is up over at Walrus Comix - this time, a graphic novel that is best described as Clerks meets The Lost Boys. And I would have put that in the review, too, except:

a) It's overly reductive,
b) I use the same description in an interview with the author, which will be posted over there sometime in the next week, and,
c) even though it occurred to me independently, that exact same description turns up in the Entertainment Weekly review, and I hate to be derivative.

Although the Rambler can be as derivative as it wants to be.

The Vomit Comix will be going over there as well, as a weekly feature, under the (possibly false) assumption that a wider audience might enjoy them. That will probably be up this weekend, and I'll link to it when it is. Think I can spend fifteen minutes a week drawing? We'll find out!

Here's a hint of the first strip:

Huh? Tune in and see what that's all about.


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