Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fair Game

I'm sure I've mentioned this show as a mumbled aside to people before, but tonight it occurred to me that I've never actually linked to it - and in these days when virtual communication has supplanted the real deal, the link is the only thing that matters.

So, here you go: Fair Game with Faith Salie. The only show currently on the radio that's hosted by a Rhodes Scholar who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and got her master's from Oxford and also had a guest role on my favorite show of all time (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) in which she was the romantic interest of my favorite character in the entire Trek canon, Dr. Julian Bashir.*

I can't work out exactly what the broadcast schedule is, and it looks like they've taken it off AM 820 (which is where it was in this area - fuckers!), and on top of that, the podcasts aren't particularly well-maintained. But it's there, and the archives are good. You can tell by listening where her political sympathies lie - and if you can find it, her interview with John Bolton is a riot - but the show is generally mainstream, meaning that those who have conservative political leanings and a simultaneous crush on Jeanne Garofalo now have a radio personality that's cute and funny, and genuinely smarter, without the constant pounding on their own political leanings.

Whenever I have to work late, I start up a few of her podcasts and just enjoy the talk. Maybe a little too mellow, which is why she works best after the sun is down. And you know? If more talk radio hosts were as smart, fair and balanced as Faith, maybe I'd listen to talk radio much more than I do.


*Curiously, in an entire year of writing the Rambler, that right there about Bashir and DS9 is the most controversial thing I've ever written. Note that I said, 'my favorite' and not, 'the best.' That would be silly. It goes without saying that Bashir is the best. I'm gay for Bashir, and by extension, Alexander Siddig, the actor. I seriously will go out of my way to see movies if Siddig has a role. And it's usually a very small role. It's a problem.


Anonymous said...

Faith Salie was great on a now cancelled show called Significant Others. Such a shame they didn't continue it.
Happy to check out her radio show!

Dave Kopperman said...

Now that I know they've taken her off 820, I'm going to write and complain. Hey, that $60 a year I give them has to count for something...

I'll have to see if Significant Others is on DVD.