Sunday, June 1, 2008

The day the music slept in

Sorry about the lack of Weekend Listening this weekend - I've vowed that if I don't get it together by Saturday night, I'm going to forgo it for the week. Which really doesn't seem like much of a vow, does it? "By God, if I don't do it, then I'm not going to do it!" Never let it be said that I am a man without strong ethical and moral guidelines...

Anyway, the weekend was packed with stuff. Saturday I had my tutoring session/drawing time, then went to see Indiana Jones and the Extended CGI Chase Sequence with Yesenia, then both of us went out to dinner with Bubba and Fin at the surprisingly decent State Line Diner, where I proceeded to sear my lips off with too much Habanero Sauce on my Buffalo Chicken wrap. And by that I mean that I fucked a cute Mexican waitress, then let her butt-plug me and got a dose of the clap.

No, by that I really mean that I'm a WASPy-Jewboy who thinks he can handle spicy food but sometimes overestimates his ability to process it. I suspect that I'll outlive my stomach lining by a good decade, and my meals in those last remaining years will consist entirely of Ensure Shakes.

Spoiler Warning-ish: In spite of my above dismissive re-titling of the new Indiana Jones film, I actually liked the first 2/3 quite a bit. I just think that the structure went all slack towards the end. Why not have them get on a boat and race out to a climax on Easter Island instead? I mean, if you're just making crap up, why limit yourself? I want a do-over, with big Rapa Nui statuary coming to life and battling Soviet Migs and stuff. After the opening sequence - really an amazing and hilarious and ingenious series of events - the chase through the jungle just kind of sat there. If you start with your hero first escaping the KGB on a rocket sled, and then escaping a nuclear test in an airborne refrigerator, you'd better have an action set-piece up your sleeve to top it with in the last act. And they don't.

Or, duh, maybe if you open the film with KGB agents everywhere Indy turns, and then later a connection is drawn to the 1908 Tunguska meteor strike, you know, why not have Indy fucking go behind the Iron Curtain? The lovingly recreated 50's America is just crying out for a mirror image Soviet sequence in the last act.

Or a million other ideas that would have been more fun. Bearing in mind I liked the closing sequence - just amp it up and locate it somewhere else on Earth and lose the eternal sword fight on the jeeps with the monkeys and I'd be happy.End Spoiler Warning-ish


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