Friday, July 25, 2008

Midday Edition

A short note from the road - or, rather, from the big-ass new library that RISD has, built out of the carcass of the old (old!) Hospital Trust building in what used to be hideous but is now truly lovely Downtown Providence.

That's right: Rhode Island, again! Got a problem with that? Yesenia and I have the old summer camp down in Coventry to ourselves (photo to come), and we're basically bumming around the state. The only official business I had is already done, and it's the reason we're on campus in the first place - picking up a copy of my RISD transcript. It's sealed, and I'll admit to having some interest in what the contents have to say, but in a kind of rubbernecking way. I know I had a less-than-stellar academic career while at RISD, and I don't think it will make me happy to be shown proof-by-numbers after all these years. Especially when I've clearly gone to so much trouble to bury that information in the back of my brain.

Is it possible that I had a GPA of 2.6? That figure is looming mockingly familiar when I try to think back on it.

Oh, well. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Perhaps traveling companion/sex slave/wife Yesenia has something to add about the trip so far? Yesenia?

Hi folks, Yesenia here. Well we almost had an emergency on I-95 last night as I choked on a mouthful of water. According to Dave, all he could hear was gurgling and all I remember is not be able to breathe, but all is well now. Johnson's Pond has not lost its charm. I always seem to forget how gorgeous it really is until we arrive. It's kind of quiet at camp, which is bizarre for July, but at the same time also nice to have the place to ourselves.

Just a little advice: if you ever decide to come to Providence with Dave, don't let him drive. You'll end up with vertigo.

Well, kids, it's been fun, but the Koppermans must continue with our adventure. More from the road later...rock on!!

Yeah, the water thing was a little scary. Sort of a choking/coughing/drowned sound that went on and on.

I would be perfectly happy to let Yesenia drive, BTW. Just pointing that out. And I drive Providence like a fucking pro.



Anonymous said...

Totally agree w/Yesenia..


Unknown said...

I'd bet good money you have me beat in GPA.

Or it could be neck and neck.

The library sounds cool.

I'd love to see that movie I made at the Coventry cabin someday (with Danny Sullivan as the cookie monster zombie)... digital transfer or something...

Enjoy your trip... I think we're doing the BIG HIP NY thing today... Water taxi to IKEA in Red Hook.

shaunian said...

Sounds fun.
My university is also totally built up and different. You didn't go up there just to get transcripts, did you? And why do you need those? Going to grad school?

Christine said...

my gpa was even more redonkulous... but my reasoning was that the 'name' school would get me in the door (which i imagine has worked with your RISD diploma as well). it was only when i almost applied to grad school a few years ago that i actually started to care. (i've since stopped.)

some of my alumnae dollars quite literally went to a coffeehouse in the vassar library that was a class gift... and every single time i've returned as an alum, the kid who was supposed to work there hadn't shown up that day (except reunion weekend, but i suspect they staffed it with reunion volunteers rather than the regularly-employed students). way to get my money's worth.

Anonymous said...

why do people brag about crappy grades?

Dave Kopperman said...

Ans: I resent that.

John: The library is damn cool. And I have no idea what film you're referring to. Was I even aware of it at the time?

Shaun: Going to start my Masters at some point, probably a year down the line. I need to take several undergrad classes before I can begin that. We did not go up to RI just for the transcripts, but we did take a morning trip to Providence with that as my primary goal.

Christine: I'm only now just starting to care about my lame academic record, and much in the way depressed alkys in weep over lost loves whilst in their cups. I really feel like I (sometimes quite literally) slept through a great opportunity in my years at RISD. But even now I go on campus and feel like I really don't belong, so ha-ha on me.

Anonymous: I don't think what's going on here is bragging. In fact, maybe you want to look the word up - 'commiserating' is more what you're looking for.


Anonymous said...

Wow.. Cool about you going for the Master's..

My mother didn't start hers until she was in her 40s.. Never too late..

At least you all got your degrees... I dropped out to pursue a doomed career in music..

Dave Kopperman said...

I don't know about that. You have a well-paying job with incredible benefits and a civilized vacation schedule. So why would you need a degree? You're doing better than any of the rest of my friends - college grads, all - near as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

Still.. It's a stigma.. Especially when you consider some of the morons that have degrees when I don't..

shaunian said...

And what will said graduate school studies be about? Art/design?