Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, that was seamless. My webhost finally got around to moving my site to their new server, notifying me of this with a friendly email on Saturday morning that all would be well within 24 hours, and, besides, people can still see it anyway.

48 hours on, with no email and no site to speak of, I finally broke down and decided to call them. So, now we're back up - I'm frankly not even sure what the problem was, but it has now been unproblemed, and since all it took from me was about fifteen minutes on hold and having to listen to some unclear techspeak from India, I think I can say I'm satisfied.

Anyhow, we're back on for the week, and I took the opportunity to look at the available templates that the host offers, and think that maybe I'd just be lazy for the first revamp and just go with a template. I'll let you know how that turns out.


P.S.: Of course, I had to dig through pages of crap to find out what the new directory, ftp, etc., was, so that Blogger could find it and post again. So add twenty minutes of befuddled 'coding' on my part to the effort column, and take it away from the 'satisfied' column.

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