Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You Are Ell

Really, it's March 3rd and I need to get back on overhauling the Copper Man website that the Rambler is vaguely attached to. I've promised a friend of mine that I would put together her site (in exchange for something at some point), and I've got work-work to do and also some progress to make on a comic I'm working on with Kalliope, but the time has seriously come to do something about my site.

And, oh yes: sad to report that the little plastic anole that hung by its tail off of the front door here at Beadboard Manor has finally retired. I'm not sure how, but that little thing has become the unofficial house mascot, and has probably been hanging there since Yesenia and I moved in six years ago - first hung as a joke, then obsessed over. Came time I couldn't leave the house unless I was sure that the mascot was still hanging out there, greeting all visitors.

The curved part of the tail snapped off, but the rest is okay. Unlike a real anole, I doubt the tail will regrow. So now, I have the option of going to the ¢99 Store for another one, or finding another way to get the original to return to his post.


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