Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cough, hack, gasp

Well, don't know if this is allergies or something infectious, but I sure feel like crap. I expect these notes to be forwarded to the M.E. upon my seemingly imminent demise.

Nothing much to report. The brain is apparently going into energy-save mode during my under-the-weatherness, so no interesting observations to make. Spent the morning finishing up the dining room wiring, then went to Jim's small outdoor party. After a while, I waddled over to the sidewalk leading up to the porch and spent about fifteen minutes lying face up on the concrete, much to the annoyance of Matilda (who's six), sure that I was going to get munched on by either ticks or red ants. Then she started pummeling me with her acrylic balloon. So that was restful.

"Chase me! Chase me!" So I chased her, and she ran and let slip the balloon. I ran back and leapt to retrieve it, but it was already too high for me, and I'm not such a great jumper in even the best of health. Big ass, and all that. The balloon went up about fifty feet, rested for a few minutes in the very top branches of a tall maple, then dislodged and went away. Matilda sat on the lawn and pouted. Apparently, that was the second balloon she had lost today.

During all that, between courses of chips, dip, cheese and various grilled meats and a orzo salad (which most people at first took to be rice), we played multiple games of Mad Libs, the 'Dinosaur,' 'Catwoman (the movie)' and 'Justice League (the animated series)' editions.

And that was that.


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