Monday, July 23, 2007

No Pictures, Please

Welcome back, me! I just did the "Willy Loman Special," a three day whirlwind trip to, through, and from Northern New England. I'd have liked to have pictures to post, but my camera would have nothing of it. Apologies. You're spared beautiful shots of cloud-clad green mountains, fiery sunsets, open valleys, quaint towns, etc. Also, shots of bearded men in plaid flannel. There was a lot of that in northern New Hampshire, in the passage between Glover, VT and Newburgh, ME.

Also, a thing I didn't get photo of, but wish very much I had: a sign for a town just over the VT/NH border, which the slogan (beneath a carved and painted image of a sun setting between low mountains over rivers and fields) is "where rivers and people meet!" Which sounds to me like it's the place where people can't take it anymore and drown themselves like lemmings, along with the spring thaw.

What I do have are a few Ramblers worth of travel anecdotes. Since I saw a lot of theater on this trip, and very little beyond that, I guess it's more like a few Ramblers worth of theater anecdotes.

Not much else for tonight, though. Harry Potter 7 had arrived in my absence, and I just spent all day reading it. So, now I should catch up on some work, no?


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