Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open Blog, Insert Prog

Perversely enough, in the middle of all this Floyd listening, I've been having a Genesis jones as well. This is partly a natural cycle with me - once every year or so, I just gotta listen to Selling England By The Pound obsessively - and partly because I just finished reading the rather swell new Genesis book, Chapter & Verse.

Rather than get heavily into a review of the book, I'll just direct all of you all who are Genesis fans to pick up a copy, and those of you who aren't to at least leaf through it in a store and tell me if you aren't a little interested in the anecdote style of the narrative. Done exactly like the Beatles Anthology (as a series of quotes from new interviews), this features every member of Genesis ever, and is a nice brisk read that gives a strong feel for the times, if not so much the music.

Anyway, here's some live vintage BritProg. Back to the Floyd... anon.


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