Monday, December 17, 2007


I'll get to the next Floyd review tomorrow. Given the growing length of these things, and the way I'm darting back and forth chronologically through the catalog, I'm a little sluggish on the next entry, 1970's Atom Heart Mother. Can't quite find a point of entry for this one, today, despite two listens (once on CD, once on very scratchy vinyl). Besides, I suspect anyone who's actually been reading them will welcome the rest.

Aside from that, how did I spend my day? Mostly puttering. In the late afternoon, I got into bed and watched Vacancy on DVD, which was effective, if full of holes and largely implausible.

As for content, tonight? Hmmm.

Why not go and check out some snaps of the lovely time we had at Karl's apartment for the Kris Kringle Party this past Saturday? And I'll see you all tomorrow. For some of you out there, that's meant literally.


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