Sunday, January 1, 2012

All is Quiet, etc.

Frank Nora has a theory about the nature of existence he calls 'corridor.'  The really short-form version: the reason none of us ever experience paranormal events is because we traverse our lives in very set, repetitive ways - as if we were always walking the same 'corridor' - and the only way we can ever perceive anything of the larger fabric of existence is to perform actions that are so odd and unique that they somehow (temporarily) allow us to see outside of the corridor.

That's probably something akin to the way most of us feel about New Year's - it's a point where space/time pauses and gives us a new vantage where we can step outside and look at the larger patterns of our lives.  Who are we, what are we doing, can we grab out one thread and change it and weave it back in so that when time resumes, the pattern of our lives reforms in a manner more pleasing to our eyes?

I know I'm waxing kind of blowhardy, but the gist of it is sincere.  Resolutions are the best we can do to alter reality, and it's only when we forget that we have the power over our own lives that we end up back in corridor without having changed a damn thing.

End on a positive note, you say?  Well, the good thing about being stuck in a corridor is that even if you find yourself unable to alter the pattern, at least you can scribble graffiti on the walls.


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