Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sailing the Tappan Sea

I have declared 2012 the year of the completed artistic project.  I am, of course, thoroughly willing to write paragraph upon paragraph of whiny self-flagelation about stagnant artistry, but what good would that do?  More to the point, how readable would it be?  Not very, I suspect.

And readability in this blog is the goal.  Just as listenability will be in the forthcoming round of recordings from the basement studio.  And curse of the internet gods be damned (can you really damn a curse?), I'm going to discuss these projects in grimy detail as they rumble along.

Thus far, we've gotten our drum sound down.  Well, isn't that what I said last week?  Last week was almost there.  This week is there.  The drums do take their time.  Next week, we'll no doubt get our 'tambourine sound'.  It should sound like the jubilant bells in the distant belfry of a countryside Tuscany church.


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